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Complete and submit the form below with your company's information to initiate a request for detailed Port PS material. Neustar will follow up with a proposal. Please note, your company must be registered with the NPAC to use Port PS services.

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  • Query Manager
    • Unlimited queries and reporting on TNs, blocks, or codes by Service Provider ID (SPID).
    • Flexible request definition.
    • Create LNP action forms for NPAC bulk porting / mediation.
    • Predefined “best practice” reports.
    • Port In and Port Out activity reporting with scheduled report delivery.
  • APIs
    • Offers an automated approach to bulk ordering (RIMS) and TN lookup
  • Resource Inventory Management System (RIMS)
    • Provides a simplified ordering interface to Pooling Administration for block request, donations, modifications and returns.
    • Facilitates interactions with the NPAC.
    • Automates regulatory and forecast reports.
  • Port Monitor

        There are 2 Port Monitor services available.

    • Port Monitor: Neustar monitors a user supplied list of telephone numbers. Upon a designated schedule, users are notified if and when numbers are ported.
    • Frequent Port Search (FPS): Based on a designated set of criteria, FPS identifies telephone numbers that have ported multiple times over a time period.
  • Number Analyzer and Number Forecaster
    • Manage TN inventory by analyzing historic utilization and forecasting utilization and pool block needs.
    • View utilization rates and inventory by region or drill down to switch level with a real-time visual status of your number inventory.
  • Professional Services
    • NRUF Reporting: Neustar assembles a complete NRUF (Forms: Company Info, F1B (w/out the 5 yr forecast), U1, and U3 when applicable) for each OCN using industry data combined with your utilization data.
    • Customized Reporting: Obtain regular or ad hoc reporting about your inventory, customized to your needs.

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